It's a bit hard to understand, but what the orangutan is trying to tell you is that it has been a big week for Prince Charles's Rainforests SOS project.

Last week, Prince Charles led a consensus agreement between 35 countries in an informal working group looking at financial mechanisms for REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation) that could play a major role at Copenhagen. The Prince's Rainforests Project also published the results of the very successful SOS campaign which they estimate has been viewed over a billion times with 250,000 user-generated SOS messages sent.

They also released a strikingly beautiful (and information-packed) online interactive book which I highly recommend if you want to learn more about the current state of the world's rain forests and examples of successful turnarounds where forests and their native inhabitants have been saved.

Here are a couple of example pages from the book:

A map of remaining rain forests:

A chart on the pressures to deforest:

Orangutan speaks out on deforestation
Prince's Rainforests Project releases funny orangutan video and a stunning interactive e-book.