I've been so focused on producing my own Web video series called Planet100: The top environmental news every day in 100 seconds (subscribe!) that I've only recently take the time to peruse Planet Green's offerings.

There's some great stuff on their site including this fun, sort of Sesame Street-style cooking show called Organic A to Z (no puppets sorry, just a goofy host/chef Gregory Schaefer) who goes through an alphabet of yummy organic ingredients offering a recipe for each in five minutes or so.

If you've ever suffered from over-exuberant purchasing disorder at your local farmers market (one reason I only bring $40) and maybe ended up with a refrigerator of turnips and kale, this is the video to turn to. In most cases Chef Schaefer will have a great idea to help you out.

Check it out on the Planet Green website.

Organic 'from A to Z' video library
Planet Green's web video series features 26 tasty organic treats... in alphabetical order.