You may have noticed your inbox flooded with a barrage of petitions, online campaigns, Facebook invitations, video contests and e-mail blasts about the current standstill in Washington over climate legislation. Right now it is looking like the U.S. will be the only one not making it to the Copenhagen party this December and climate advocacy groups are stepping up their efforts to put pressure on our feet-dragging senators.

They other thing you may have noticed is that there seems to be a bunch of well-intentioned nonprofit organizations all marching to their own tune with no coordinated messaging -- a big problem if we are hope to get real grassroots leverage on Capitol Hill.

Thankfully that is about to change this Saturday, Oct. 24, the International Day of Climate Action which brings together the biggest climate activist organizations like, 1Sky, Bioneers, ACE (The Alliance for Climate Education), Green for All, PowerShift and many more. Over 6,000 events are taking place in nearly every country in the world.

One action you can take part in even if there isn't a local event near you is to upload a photo that somehow includes the numbers 3-5-0 which refers to 350 parts per million, the amount of CO2 that is now considered to be the safe limit of CO2 concentration in our atmosphere. 

FYI: we are currently at 387 PPM and scientists are predicting a spike up to 500 PPM (given current CO2 levels), but the hope is that if our governments can agree at Copenhagen (and the U.S. participates) that spike will be short-lived and survivable as CO2 rates gradually drop back down to 350.

Rappin' for Climate Action
Saturday is the International Day of Climate Action. Here's the rap encouraging you to join in.