Anyone who has seen An Inconvenient Truth has to be at least vaguely curious if their home will specifically be affected by rising ocean levels. Now mapmaking company Cartifact in partnership with web company Green has just launched an interactive map called that will give you the answer.

Created in partnership with carbon management company Greening Point, the map tool visualizes several different scenarios — from the "optimistic" IPCC model which predicts about a foot rise (which floods most of the Sacramento Delta as you can see above) to the ominous 36-foot rise that would occur if the ice sheets melted, as some models predict:

The map creators are clear to point out that they are not making specific predictions, but rather offering people a way to better understand current climate models and what these models say about the future of specific regions on an ever-warming planet.

As Greening Point CTO Michael Tilson explains:

We want people to learn about possible climate change scenarios, the science behind them, and the potential outcome of each ... We hope to make a positive contribution to public dialogue on these issues.

Currently the map has only been developed for two areas in California — San Francisco Bay and Santa Cruz — but the company is working to expand the scope of the map nationwide.

via: GoogleMapsMania

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