Last week Gillian Caldwell, executive director of 1Sky, called out President Obama on his support of "clean coal," a technology that is far from either economic or technological feasibility yet continues to remain popular with politicians as a viable solution, despite the fact that real solutions — like wind and solar — are feasible today and would create jobs today.

You can read Gillian's full commentary on the 1Sky blog, but her point or question rather is very simple ... why would we invest billions in a hypothetical technology when that same funding could go to building the infrastructure for a very real solution?

The U.S. Senate is currently holding the ball on climate legislation, so next week, as our senators stump across their home states for President's Day, 1Sky is leading a President's Day Action starting Monday where local activists attend town hall meetings and ask their senators why they are not moving forward more quickly with imperative legislation that would stimulate our economy while cleaning up the environment.

People are invited to take video and submit it to 1Sky's new, super-cool video sharing platform called Citizen Global (which I have had the good fortune to advise on). It's time to get involved ... the state election campaigns are beginning very early this year, and it's crucial that senators know how important energy legislation really is to our future.

Shadow your senator on President's Day
1Sky confronts President Obama on clean energy and asks you to confront your senator when they come home for President's Day.