The Sierra Club has more than 700,000 members and its state, local and focus groups run literally thousands of projects, campaigns and events every year. Many of these groups — like the Sierra Club Water Sentinels, whose 65 nationwide groups took close to 100,000 kids fishing last year — don't have the resources or time to put up a Website to organize participants and attract funding.

So the Sierra Club just rolled out the Activist Network. Like a "MySpace for environmentalists" the social network serves to link up people with groups and it gives a small local chapter or a newly formed project a home (or tent, rather) on the Internet. The Team Page, as it's called, allows even non web-savvy environmentalists the ability to promote their activity online, shares photos and message with their group members without the overhead of a "webmaster."

The creators are calling the Activist Network a "place for activists to get things done" and to that end they have provided a pretty extensive database of resource guides on everything from climate change to recycling and composting. All are searchable by category.

One of the best features is an events search engine that lets you find an eco-event in a 50-mile radius of your location. You can also search by interest. Right now the search results for Albuquerque, N.M., (where I'm currently located) are slim, but I hope as more teams to start to organize on the network, this page will become a great destination for getting involved in environmentalism at the local level.

via: Sierra Club's Facebook Page

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Sierra Club launches activist network
The Sierra Club rolls out a social network for environmental activists, providing online resources and project 'matchmaking.'