According to the World Clock, we will use our last drop of oil in exactly 39 years and 10 months. This and many more sobering factoids can be found on the ultimate data clock (above) made by Poodwaddle.

The clock pulls from hundreds of data sources and publishes in nearly real time actual statistics on energy use and environmental impacts like global CO2 emissions (20.9 billion tons so far in 2010) and deforestation. One of the more difficult environmental stats is that 9 million hectares of forests (35,000 square miles) has already been cut down in 2010. 

The food stats are also mind-blowing. Since the beginning of the year, we've slaughtered 204 million cows and more than 32 billion chickens. We've also consumed 1 trillion tons of sugar. 

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Global clock tallies environmental and energy impacts, and poses some frightening stats.