It was a big week for adorable mascots fighting for a cause -- a skunk fighting obesity, a bison preserving the national parks, and now a frog stopping tropical deforestation.

But this frog is accompanied by none other than Sting who helped to launch a new campaign this week for the Prince's Rainforest Project which seeks to raise awareness around issues of tropical deforestation in the run up to the climate talks in Copenhagen this December.

Incentives such as REDD (which I will be blogging about in greater detail next week) will now be considered at Copenhagen in order to encourage the governments of countries such as Sumatra, Borneo, and Indonesia (which are all undergoing rapid deforestation) to crack down on illegal logging and create nature preserves.

Rainforests sequester at least 15% of the CO2 produced annually so they provide a hugely important function in regulating our climate. But perhaps even more important is the massive amount of CO2 created by deforestation when greenhouse gases previously locked in the dense biomass of the jungle are released into the air.

Stakeholders from both sides of the political spectrum are worried about REDD. Cleantech advocates are worried that a flood of cheap carbon credits emerging from rainforest preservation could destroy a fledgling global carbon trading program. And environmentalists are concerned about weak language in REDD that may inadvertently fund deforestation without proper regulation.

In any case, no one disagrees that rainforests need to be protected. So if you want to add your voice about the importance of rainforests to the survival of our planet, you can send your own SOS.

Sting's SOS to the world
Sting joins the Prince's Rainforest Project (and a green frog) in sending out an SOS for the rainforests.