It's a scene right out of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." A group of teenagers from a high school in Berkeley, Calif., got access to the school's computerized attendance system. The mischief that ensued was anything but hilarious, and those teens now face expulsion for their actions.


The students in question allegedly charged fellow students between $2 and $20 to remove records of tardiness and unexcused absences from their permanent records. According to school officials, the attendance-fixing scheme lasted from October through December 2011. During that time, as many as 50 students had their records of tardies or unexcused absences altered by the hackers.


For their role in the scandal, around 32 of the kids face suspensions lasting up to five days. Two kids, presumably those masterminding the attendance-fixing scheme, face expulsion and possibly even criminal charges.


Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller? 


Ouch.  Looks like Ed Rooney finally got the last laugh.

Teens face expulsion for 'Ferris Bueller'-style hacking
High-schoolers charged fellow students between $2 and $20 to fix their records in the computerized attendance system.