I digress a bit here, but I had to share this amazing animated film that explains the collapse of the financial system blow by blow. Jonathan Jarvis, a rising interactive media star, developed the visualization you see above (it might take a while to load up but it is worth it).

I'm not entirely off-topic though. Many people when they hear the term "green economy" think of solar panels or windmills. That's part of it. But from a larger perspective it is the market returning to principles of financial sustainability -- thinking long-term about the consequences of deregulation in a world filled with risks, both social, fiscal and (of course) environmental. 

To read a bit more about this connection, you can check out my post Green Phoenix: as one market collapses a new one is born.

The financial crisis cartoon -- at last an explanation!
'The Crisis of Credit' illustrates what happened when the financial industry ditched sustainability.