Just before the COP15 climate talks lat year, the European Journalism Centre or EJC ran a great contest to pick out several aspiring bloggers to go to Copenhagen and report from the belly of the U.N. beast. The results were phenomenal, and this year they are running the same contest in the lead up to COP16 — TH!NK:Climate Change

For aspiring bloggers who love sunny beaches, this year's prize may be more appealing than last. No freezing snow storms or waiting out in the cold for hours. The conference center for the U.N. climate summit is a stone's throw from the beach, and the number of journalists and bloggers is being significantly reduced from last year.

The contest is open to anyone around the world over the age of 18. You submit a sample of your writing online — anything related to issues around climate and clean energy (be as clever as possible) via the THINK contest registration page by Nov. 1. There's a second prize — a Macbook & Flip HD — for those who can't make the Nov. 1 deadline. 

Next week, the EJC is convening an all-star lineup of climate pundits, politicians, scientists and movement leaders at the annual Climate Action Conference in Brussels. I was just told by the organizer that I'll be getting access to video of the speakers, so I'll be posting up some of the best talks next week, which will offer some fresh perspective on the upcoming COP16. 

While the Cancun COP is not getting nearly as much press as its predecessors, it could prove to be more history-making as negotiators are now focused on the hard work of integrating the infamous Obama Copenhagen Accord into the main text of the climate treaty, while attempting to iron out the key issues that have been holding back the negotiations. Fireworks likely to ensue.

TH!NK:Climate Change contest can send you to Cancun
The EJC is sending someone to Cancun for the next climate summit. Budding bloggers, this is your chance to get noticed.