This month we started a new feature every Friday. Since we all love lists so much, we decided to come up with a Top 5 list each week pertaining to some major news story that broke that week. Last week we did Top 5 Melting Glaciers (VIDEO):

The week before we did Top 5 Animal Superheros which was a pretty big hit 50,000 views on Youtube alone (and a bunch more on Facebook and Planet Green):

Our first list was Top 5 Environmental Films of all Time starting with the smash hit Avatar at #5 (VIDEO):

If you have any ideas for Top 5 lists leave them below in the comments. We're always looking for great ideas. Thanks for watching!

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Top 5! lists on Planet 100
On Planet100 we've started a new Top5 list every friday of cool eco trivia. This week is Top 5 concert benefits starting with Hope for Haiti.