Anyone who spends even a few minutes a day on Twitter is well-acquainted with the "junk tweet."

Junk tweets can range from an inside joke that for some strange reason the tweeter feels will be of great interest to all 2,000 of their followers, to a totally meaningless or boring phrase or worse, corporate spam.

Now you can put all that Twitter trash to good use through a new Twitter recycling campaign benefitting the uber-cool environmental nonprofit Global Inheritance

This may win the prize for most innovative green Twitter campaign 2009 ... If you locate one of those junk tweets in your Twitter feed simply @reply the culprit with their own tweet and append it with a #recyclethis.

That will send your message to RecycledTweets, which will rearrange the characters of their lame or meaningless tweet into something more poetic. For example, this ...

@sillie1981 currently experiencing brain. over. out
 ... is transformed into this:
No one wants a magic trick, especially if it involves lighting their money on fire.
The sponsor of this cyber-recycling event is social media firm McKinney who will give a penny for every recycled tweet to Global Inheritance's innovative recycling campaign called TRASHed, a hybrid recycling station and retail store.

The more stuff you bring in to recycle, the more points you earn, point that can be used towards the purchase of all sorts of cool limited edition merch like T-shirts, skateboards and even trash cans designed by famous graffiti artists.

Who would have imagined that Twitter's most annoying feature would help the planet? Case in point ... there is nothing that can't be recycled in some way.

Turn Twitter trash into eco-gold
Global Inheritance launches brilliant recycling campaign -- for every junky tweet you 'recycle' a penny is given to real trash cleanup.