There's been a lot of news lately about giant wind projects like California's new $1.2 billion wind farm by Terra Gen, but major developments have also been happening on the small-scale micro-wind front. Vindby just became the first company to meet Denmark's rigorous testing protocols for small-scale wind turbines, and will now make residential wind a possibility in three countries — Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Autodesk, the leading design software for architects and engineers, gives a monthly award to the most innovative uses of its Inventor software, which allows designers to create complete 3-D models of a fabrication and then apply variable forces to test its durability and performance without having to build expensive physical prototypes.

Vindby made good use of the Autodesk system, proving that digital prototyping can help bring new renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies to market much quicker with less upfront costs.

via: Autodesk Press Release

Vindby uses computer modeling to create perfect wind turbines
Autodesk Inventor software enables engineers to design and approve small wind turbines for residential use.