A new daily news show called Digits from the Wall Street Journal supports my prediction that going online will be the next big wave in journalism. The trend was kicked off by the cheeky daily show Rocketboom which caused an internet sensation when it launched back in 2006. They pioneered the 3-minute video podcast format and proved that there was a business model in an online news show.

For my own show Planet 100 for Planet Green, I decided to cut the length in half in response to recent studies that online attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. WSJ went in the other direction, creating what is by internet standards almost biblical in length -- a whopping 7 minutes.

I will certainly be tuning in to the show and hope that it takes off.

Wall Street Journal launches online tech show
Digits -- the new live online show from the WSJ -- will feature daily snippets about the technology innovations rocking Wall Street.