This Thanksgiving, Dell is celebrating the people who inspire us to be a force for positive change. We believe the power of collective knowledge and working partnerships can help us address some of the world’s most pressing social issues. Our goal is to create a more promising tomorrow for communities everywhere, and we have a responsibility to actively contribute our time, technology and know-how to do so.

Meet Patrick.

Patrick’s infant son, Will, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a deadly form of pediatric cancer. After enduring grueling treatment, Will’s cancer did not go away. When told that no cure yet existed for relapsed neuroblastoma, Patrick asked himself, Why not today? Why not now? Why not your child?

That’s when Patrick and his wife set out to save their son’s life – and help all children with neuroblastoma. They teamed up with other parents, physicians, scientists and leading research institutions to launch the world’s first personalized medicine clinical trial for pediatric cancer. Dell is powering this research with a multimillion dollar, multi-year commitment of technology solutions and employee engagement.

“Now, thanks to innovative doctors and Dell’s incredible support, kids will finally get a chance at treatment designed to improve their lives and survival,” Patrick explains. While Will, an energetic 7-year-old with a passion for hockey, still lives with cancer, his quality of life has improved.

Meet John.

John Gron’s calendar is packed. In addition to his full-time job as a manager at Dell, John lends his time and talents to more than a dozen organizations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He’s also a part of our Global Community Involvement team.

And what a difference John makes! Just in the past few months, he and other Dell employees built a wheelchair ramp for a couple in their 80s and conducted a homeless census. And John, who is an artist, also built easels for the Boys and Girls Club, and even donated a painting that helped raise $43,000 to support homeless children.

"Personally, I find that my time spent with these organizations makes me feel richer than any kind of monetary compensation I could receive," he says. Thank you, John, for leading by example.

Meet Anita.

At a cheerful childcare center in an impoverished and largely illiterate area of Bangalore, India, Anita – a worker trained in the Akshara Foundation's preschool teaching techniques – makes a difference in the lives of preschoolers like Saifullah, who is 5. When Suifallah first came to the center, he didn’t even know his age. Within two months, he learned colors, shapes, sizes, his age and much more!

Saifullah is one of the 35,000 children that the Akshara Foundation, and caring workers like Anita, work with every day through the community-based preschool education program. This program, supported by Dell YouthConnect, focuses on building a strong foundation to prepare children for success in primary school.

“Our relationship with Dell has been a wonderful example of a sustained partnership based on a shared vision, points out Akshara Foundation Chair Ashok Kamath. “Dell has supported our preschool activities in many ways, including active involvement of Dell employees in our efforts.”

Thank you, Patrick, John, Anita and all of Dell’s experts, employees and partners who are making a difference for all.

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The Spirit of Giving: Connecting Communities to a More Promising Tomorrow
The Spirit of Giving: Connecting Communities to a More Promising Tomorrow