Dell is well-known for their eco-initiatives. It was the first company to offer worldwide recycling to its clients. It will take back any product for free and accepts other brands for a small fee. Dell also uses a large amount of green energy and purchases some offsets as well. The company is currently seeking LEED certification for many of its corporate buildings. And it offers a protective sleeve, made from sustainable bamboo, for its product.

Now, the computer giant has turned its green attention to packaging. Dell’s bamboo cushions recently received (ASTM) D-6400 certification from the American Society for Testing and Materials. This means that the packaging will “compost and biodegrade at a rate comparable to known compostable materials when added to a hot, active compost pile.” The material will not be photo-toxic – meaning that it will not harm plants that grow from it.

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Dell takes a huge step toward ultimate eco-friendly packaging
Compostable and locally sourced bamboo computer cushions push Dell’s corporate initiatives to new levels.