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We are an organic delivery service.  And organics is very much an environmentally responsible agriculture method.  And we want to make sure we also practice what we preach.  And we sell environmentally responsible products.  And we want to be environmentally responsible as well.


As we’ve seen in the marketplace, small and medium business customers have the same concerns as any other customer.  They have concerns around their data.  They have concerns around the environmental disposition of their assets.


So there has to be a little bit more than just the bottom line in mind when you're thinking about environmental leadership.


The new asset recovery service offering that we have for small and medium businesses is a very simple and easy solution for companies that are trying to return fewer than ten unwanted IT assets.  They simply place an order with their sales rep, they get sent a link to a website where they can go in and type their information, contact information, place of pickup --


Get an asset recovery number and then plug it in and we print out some receipts, box up the products and send it off to them.


If they want to purchase a box at the same time, they can do that too.


In each kit is a box, packing material, air-packing material.  There is adhesive, either peel-off adhesive strips or small rolls of tape, an individualized pouch or label.  And it all comes in a flat-form factor, wrapped in plastic.


And it’s important to note that this service is available for not just Dell equipment.  They can send in any equipment, any brand, any manufacturer through this same service.


It’s really the easiest recycling has ever been.


Beyond taking the guesswork out of disposing of your unwanted technology, the asset recovery service addresses important security concerns about who’s handling your company’s data.


It’s very important to go with a trusted brand when disposing of IT assets for a couple of reasons:  number one, it’s highly, highly critical that you protect your data, and we have very rigorous protocols around that with auditing our partners that process material.


The tracking and reporting of asset recovery is very important to us because, as we all know, lots of people make claims about what they do and you never really know.  Sometimes you just give them your product and you just kind of trust that it happens.  So it’s really great to get a report that actually tells us what happened with that computer and, you know, where it went afterwards.


Secondly, but no less important, is making sure that the partner that processes your material has high environmental standards like Dell.

Everything that we’ve done in designing these kits has been with an environmental focus and we’ve reviewed all of the materials that

we use, ranging from the plastics and the adhesives to the corrugate, to make sure it either has a very high biodegradability rating or it’s already recycled content.


While recycling computers has been part of Dell’s environmental services for over a decade, the asset recovery service helps serve an

emerging need that has surfaced in the small business community.


What prompted Dell to start this program were a couple of things:  one, an increased focus from Dell overall on the small and medium business, and also the results of a Dell-commissioned IDC survey that pointed out that small and medium business customers are less likely to be aware of the offerings of third-party providers.  And what we wanted to provide through this was an easy, seamless way for them to manage, return and track their unwanted IT assets.


Our decision to go with Dell started the same way that our decision to go with any other vendors started, with looking at the company and their values and what kind of environmental policy they have.  And Dell seemed to be really the only technology company we found that had a fairly progressive environmental policy and they really are trying to be a leader with the environment.


And what this offer does is give them that same ease of use and same service as any other Dell customers.  And in so doing it fills a gap in the marketplace where small and medium business customers now have that same capability.


And also show other small businesses that it can be done and you don't have to sacrifice profit or other pieces of your business to be a leader in the environmental field.


Now being able to work seamlessly with Dell is a one-stop shop where they can buy their assets, they can buy services and they can easily and affordably return unwanted assets.  Just makes for a one-stop shop that’s easy.


To us, that commitment to the environment is the most important investment we can make.


To find out more about the asset recovery service, please visit this link for additional insights and information.



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Asset Recovery Services Help Cut Costs and Stay Green
Asset Recovery Services Help Cut Costs and Stay Green