The management team at JM Family Enterprises – a diversified automotive company focusing primarily on automotive distribution, financial services, retail services and dealer services – values environmental sustainability, and seeks to preserve natural resources for the future.


Greening the data center


When JM Family’s growth increased its computing requirement, the company needed to be smart in its approach to information technology and data storage as well as how it conducted business. With Dell, the company does this and more. JM Family’s partnership with Dell has helped the company double its computing capacity while maintaining costs and reducing its environmental footprint.


Eric Jacobson, data center facilities manager, explains: “We were able to utilize blade server technology, as well as virtualization, and combine our physical resources and lower our physical footprint.” In turn, the cutting-edge technology from Dell reduced the data center’s energy consumption by 17 percent.


JM Family went a step further to help offset the data center’s energy load by installing solar panels on its roof. In combination with the data center’s reflective white membrane roof, cylindrical solar tubes capture energy from under the panels as well as on top of the panels. The roof has the capacity to produce 200 kilowatts – and using that energy eliminates the release of 205 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


“At this company, I’ve always been told just to do the right thing,” says Janet Simoneaux, director of environmental affairs.  That’s saying a lot! Doing the right thing at JM Family means doing what’s right for the future of the company, associates, customers, business partners, the community and the planet.


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See how JM Family reduces data center power consumption by 17 percent and saves $150,000 annually by going green. When JM Family's growth increased its computin