Near the beach in Carlsbad, CA, surrounded by 400 acres of lush gardens, a precious jewel can be found. It’s called La Costa Resort & Spa and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing weekend away from the hectic routine of life. Pleasure-seekers can also feel good about their decision to soak up the California sun at La Costa because the company’s commitment to sustainability has earned it Green Seal Certification thanks in part to the help of Dell. 

This picturesque hotel is a mecca for those seeking to rejuvenate their spirits in a naturally beautiful setting. Aiming to “bring a taste of the coastal California lifestyle to each and every visitor,” La Costa leaders have always considered environmental protection a business responsibility.

La Costa has led the way for sustainable businesses in Southern California, being the first to adopt many eco-friendly practices. For example, La Costa is one of the longest standing users of reclaimed water in San Diego and it was one of the first kitchens in the county to install the eCorect Food Waste Decomposition System, which dehydrates food waste to produce soil that is suitable for landscape use on the golf course and in hotel plant and flowerbeds.

Partnership with Dell elevates green initiatives

La Costa Resort & Spa also partnered with Dell to help spread the sustainability mission throughout the IT department. La Costa IT specialists were looking for ways to reduce the energy being used in the business operations and Dell provided the innovative solutions needed to do just that.

With the help of Dell, La Costa was able to go from 53 servers down to just 10 or 12, cutting power consumption to one-third of previous levels. With goals to continue reducing this even further, La Costa continues to implement Dell solutions to support its green initiatives and allow environmentally sound operations to happen in a more automated fashion business-wide.

Green Seal certification provides edge over competition

Green Seal is an independent, third party organization that “develops life cycle-based sustainability standards for products, services and companies and offers certification for those that meet the criteria in the standard.” With over 33 categories of compliance required, La Costa was awarded certification in July of 2010. This was a great achievement for the company who became the only certified hotel in San Diego.

Leaders at La Costa feel the sustainability initiatives put in place and Green Seal certification give their resort an advantage over the competition. With the help of Dell, La Costa Resort & Spa is a destination for both appreciating and protecting the environment.  

Dell and La Costa: Partnering for Green IT
Pleasure-seekers can feel good about soaking up the sun thanks to sustainability initiatives supported by Dell.