The Dell corporate headquarters are now powered with 100 percent green energy—an important milestone in our commitment to become the first carbon-neutral computer company. We've already saved more than $1.2 million and avoided nearly 8,200 tons of CO2 by replacing lights and retrofitting air conditioning units throughout our central Texas facilities. Join Dane Parker as he discusses what we're doing and how you can do it too.

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Interviewer: Tell me a little bit about what we’re announcing today.

Dane Parker: We’re announcing a big step forward in our commitment as a company to be carbon neutral, in that 100% of the energy needs for our global headquarters will be provided by green energy, a part of which is a landfill-gassed energy project that we’re working in partnership with Waste Management, the remainder of which will be wind energy that we’re getting from TXU. We’re also doubling the purchase of green energy from our Austin manufacturing facility that we have partnered with Austin Energy to do that.

Interviewer: And why is this move significant?

Dane Parker: This represents, for Dell, a huge part of our commitment to be carbon neutral.  And sourcing green energy is a big step in that direction for us, and it actually puts us ahead of our commitment and our original timeline to achieve carbon neutrality.

Interviewer: And do you expect it will save Dell any money in this process?

Dane Parker: Part of the contracts that we’ve entered into give us a measure of price certainty for the future that we believe, as traditional oil prices – or as oil prices continue to change, as energy prices continue to increase, will actually provide a positive return for us in the future.

Interviewer: And what about other efficiency moves at the campus? How are those progressing?

Dane Parker: Yeah, as our first priority, we’ve been working on reducing the energy we use in the very first place. We’ve been at that for a couple of years and we’re seeing some great progress. In fact, to date, we’re saving over two and a half million dollars a year at our central Texas campus from measures we’ve already put in place; and we continue to aggressively pursue measures all over the globe.

Interviewer: And for somebody watching today who wants to take action, what would you tell them to do?

Dane Parker Well, the great thing is, what we’ve done as a company is exactly what you can do as an individual and it starts with using less. And for you as an individual, that can be changing the light bulbs in your house to more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. It can be improving the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system, adding insulation into your home, putting glazing on your windows to reduce the heat there and purchasing more energy-efficient appliances. So when you've worked on reducing as much of that as you can, you can then also, yourself as a consumer, look for options you have to purchase green energy. And many, many consumers in markets throughout Texas and in many other places in the United States have options as consumers to purchase green energy just like we’ve done as a company.

Interviewer: Great. Well, thanks for joining us today.

Dane Parker: Thank you.

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Dell Headquarters Powered by 100% Green Energy
Dell Headquarters Powered by 100% Green Energy