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Who said, “It’s not easy being green”? I’ve got news for you, my tree-hugging friends: going green is easy and chic. We’ve got the hybrid to prove it. 

The Dell Studio Hybrid is an ultra compact design with Intel mobile technology, catered to protect the environment using 70% less power than a typical desktop. At first, I thought it was another one of those cool-looking external hard drives that everyone’s carrying around these days. But in fact, it’s a unique, stylish and conscientious desktop PC. Dell’s greenest, most power-efficient consumer desktop is more flexible than a typical PC. 

Dell Studio Hybrid fits just about anywhere you want and has six colored sleeves that are interchangeable to match your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen, heck, even your bathroom at this size. It runs on Intel’s Core 2 Duo Mobile Processors, so you’ll never go low on power while helping preserve the planet. Don't just take my word for it. You can check out the Dell Studio Hybrid customer ratings and reviews and other tech specs by visiting this link.


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Dell Studio Hybrid: 70% More Efficient Than Typical Desktops
Dell Studio Hybrid: 70% More Efficient Than Typical Desktops