Learn how to offset your carbon footprint with Dell's Plant a Tree for Me program. 


Climate change is an issue that’s important to everyone and we as an electronics company feel that we have an obligation to participate in solutions for our customers, on our customer’s behalf as well as for Dell. The Plant a Tree for Me program is an exciting idea where we’re actually considering the energy use of the product once it leaves our factory and our customers end up with our products. Even with the best configurations, the reality is that our products use electricity. And so, the Plant a Tree for Me program is a neat way for customers to be able to offset the use of their products. 

Here’s how the program works: for a small donation, a tree will be planted to cover the carbon impact of the average amount of electricity used by the device over three years. Anyone can donate $40.00 for a server, $13.00 for a computer workstation, $6.00 for a desktop, $4.00 for a CRT monitor, $4.00 for a laser printer, $3.00 for an LCD monitor, $2.00 for a notebook and $1.00 for an inkjet printer. You don't even have to be a customer to participate. 

So in January, when we kicked off the program, it was targeted for folks that were coming in to Dell.com or calling in to Dell to purchase a product on the consumer side. And for a small donation, they were able to offset the energy use associated with the product over a three-year lifespan of the product. And we expanded the program, due to positive response, a few months later, to allow anyone to come in and donate, regardless of them being a Dell customer. Now, we’re looking to expand the program further, internationally. 

Dell’s partnership with the Conservation Fund and the Carbon Fund, both nonprofit environmental organizations, ensures that 100% of the donations go towards the Plant a Tree for Me program and its tree-planting efforts. 

The way the donations are calculated is, it’s based upon the amount of carbon that would be emitted due to the production of electricity and that’s multiplied by the amount of time that you’d be using your product and the average duty cycle of your product. So you can figure, you know, X amount of electricity is going to be used over a period of three years, that converts to so many tons of carbon dioxide. We use conventional methods to determine that. 

It boils down to a small donation, which is made to our nonprofit partners that use that money to go and plant trees and sustainably manage forests. We have a website that actually compiles a lot of our initiatives. It’s Dell.com/earth. And it’s a great place for folks to go to take a look at a variety of programs that we have around energy efficiency, materials utilization, and recycling and end of life options. The Plant a Tree for Me program is one aspect of what we’re doing on the energy efficiency and climate front. There’s all kinds of other stuff going on and that’s a great place to go and check it out. 

As always, we look forward to your questions and comments on how we can work together to protect our climate. And we welcome your thoughts on Direct to Dell and Ideastorm on how we can do more. For more information on our environmental initiatives, please visit this website.


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Dell's 'Plant a Tree for Me' Program Offsets Your Carbon Footprint
Dell's 'Plant a Tree for Me' Program Offsets Your Carbon Footprint