Before you buy that new computer … let’s talk about how to get rid of your old one.


It’s not as easy as putting an old computer into the trash. Even if it’s outdated, broken or no longer working, used computers probably contain some usable, valuable parts that can be recycled into new products. But the computer probably also has some lead, mercury and/or other toxic materials in it, too – and if you trash it, those materials could end up in a landfill, where they can contaminate the soil and the local water supply.


It’s a great idea to recycle your computer and its equipment. Dell has partnerships and programs that can help you do that, no matter what brand of computer you have.


“We all need to be conscientious about our environment,” says Beth Johnson, manager of Reconnect, Dell’s partnership with Goodwill Industries. “At Dell, we work hard to make recycling easy for you.”


Dell recommends recycling your old equipment in one of five ways:


If you have a Dell computer …


• FedEx will pick up your unwanted Dell products for free from your home. Click here for details.


• Dell products may be dropped off for recycling free of charge at Staples’ 1,500 U.S. locations. (While Staples accepts all brands for recycling, the store assesses a $10 fee per item for large, non-Dell products; smaller items can be recycled for free.)


If you have any type of computer …


• Donate your computer and/or related products to Goodwill Reconnect. This Dell/Goodwill/Microsoft partnership accepts computers and Microsoft entertainment products (such as Xbox and Zune) free of charge at 1,900 Goodwill locations.


• Donate your computer and/or computer equipment to the National Cristina Foundation, a nonprofit organization that places used computers into special-needs, at-risk or low-income classrooms. Your donation is good for 10 percent off your next purchase of Dell software or peripheral equipment.


• Trade your old equipment in for cash or gift cards at, one of Dell’s recycling partners. (The site accepts computers with no trade-in value for a fee.)


Dell supports responsible recycling and makes sure that old equipment stays out of U.S. and foreign landfills. For more information, check out

Recycle your electronics responsibly with Dell
How do you get rid of your old PC in an environmentally friendly way before you buy that new computer?