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6) Design: e2

e2 covers the growing sustainability movement among architects and designers and is narrated by Brad Putt.

Adaptive Reuse in the Netherlands: Amsterdam made the conscious decision to avoid building typical suburbs and has learned how to build dense, livable neighborhoods to preserve the natural green space around the city. Pioneering green designers and architects are working on some of the most creative and innovative projects with some amazing buildings. This episode heavily focuses on the redevelopment of a large riverside space into neighborhoods.

7) Big Ideas for a Small Planet

Big Ideas for a Small Planet is a half-hour show on the Sundance Channel that covers green technology business, building and alternative fuels. It ran for one season of 13 episodes in 2007 and features a developer who turned a polluted field into a sustainable community and a burger joint that uses ingredients from farms within 100 miles. The one full episode on Hulu is about alternative power — sun, wind and cow manure. The 64 other clips run an average of a minute each and are about cargo container homes, electronic waste recycling, green fashion and more.

Power: Energy is at the heart of our modern lives, and fossil fuels are the overwhelming fuel of choice for most of the world. Fossil fuels are causing global warming and we need to stop to burning them. Most of transportation is fueled by petroleum and most of our electricity generated by coal, both sources of vast amounts of greenhouse gasses. There are gigawatts of power blowing in the wind and raining down with the sun's rays every day. We don't suffer from a lack of potential energy, but from a lack of will to build the infrastructure to harness it. Wind, solar, and even manure-derived methane gas all offer paths to the greener future that we must build for ourselves if we're to maintain our comfortable lifestyles.

8) Red Hot & Green

Red Hot & Green is hosted by Nicole Facciuto and Carter Oosterhouse who spend their half-hour episodes greening up regular rooms in typical home-makeover reality show style. The 13-episode season one bounces from room to room in each episode and highlights the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, garage and master bedroom.

Garage Getaway: The crew from Red Hot & Green roll into a cluttered California garage and transform it into a family friendly common space.

9) Earth Day

These are select environmentally themed segments from NBC News shows featuring a young environmental activist, the history of Earth Day, a greener logging company and green cars at the Detroit Auto Show.

"The Portland Effect" — Bike to Work, Save the Environment: A lot of people in Portland, Ore., are leaving their cars parked in their driveway and taking their bikes to work. Brian Williams reports on the growing trend of other cities looking to emulate Portland's bike-friendly programs.

10) Vanguard

Vanguard is a fantastic program produced by Current TV that sends correspondents all around the world to report on important and sometimes controversial issues like water, energy, racism, prison and religion. Vanguard reporters Laura Ling, Mariana van Zeller, Christof, Adam Yamaguchi and Kaj Larsen tackle their assignments with alacrity and poise and always leave me wanting to learn more.

World Without Water: What does the world look like without water? Correspondents Adam Yamaguchi and Laura Ling travel to China, Florida and Las Vegas and report on the growing problem of water pollution and shortages.

11) The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien

Dogs: Earth's Worst Enemy: Researchers found that the environmental footprint of a dog is twice that of an SUV, but Conan O'Brien reports that dogs don't stop there — it gets much, much worse.

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18 great green videos from Hulu, Nos. 6-11
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