You’d probably like to think you could squeeze even just the tiniest bit more into that already ridiculously packed space … but you can’t, can you? It’s so beyond crowded in there.

Like, a million times worse than the time you accidentally stumbled into your sister’s shoe closet and were amazed at how she seriously believed she could fit even half a pair more into that tight little space. But this isn’t a closet we’re talking about; it’s the heart of your life!

OK, it’s just your computer. But if you think endlessly saving more and more files to your dearly beloved won’t make it move slower than molasses, believe us, you are sorely mistaken. And why would you do that to your computer anyway, when Kanguru has crafted a new eco drive that you can save everything on, while saving energy too? With three power saving modes that kick into action when your computer goes idle, you can use up to 75 percent less power than an average external hard drive.

Plus it has up to one terabyte of glorious storage and is RoHS compliant, meaning it’s totally lead and mercury free. Isn’t it amazing what a little outside help can do?

Story by Alison Sherbach. This article originally appeared in Plenty in August 2008. This story was added to

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Eco drive saves data and energy
Kanguru uses up to 75 percent less power than an average external hard drive.