Whether you’re a teacher or parent of young children, you’re probably always looking for ways to protect yourself and your little ones from germs. It’s been a mild flu season so far, but we’re not out of the woods yet: this year's H1N1 flu strain is new, and another spike could still occur. While it doesn’t do any good to be paranoid, there are some simple but effective ways to protect yourself. One of the most important among them is frequent and proper hand washing

With that in mind, Georgia-Pacific Professional has developed its fun and user-friendly Art of Washing Hands site, designed to assist educators and parents in teaching kids proper hand-washing technique. The site offers themed classroom activities, coloring book pages, hygiene tips, and original songs for kids to sing while they wash their hands. There are even audio and video files to help hand-washing scholars learn the songs, which are timed to be long enough to obliterate germs when sung twice through.

All materials offered on the Art of Washing Hands are free and available for easy downloading and printing, which makes it a no-brainer.

So gather the kids, load the site, and just add soap and water.

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With classroom activities, coloring book pages, and original songs, kids will be hand washing masters in no time.