Emojis have been used to do everything from order pizza to translate classic novels, and now you can transform yourself — or anything else that can be photographed — into emoji too.

This week, Eric Andrew Lewis, a Web developer for The New York Times, unveiled his Emoji Mosaic Tool, which can turn any photo into a colorful mosaic of faces, animals, foods and other emoji.

Part of the fun of using the tool is zooming in on your emoji-d photos to see what emoji make up the image.

For example, in the cat photo above, the feline’s ears are composed mostly of emoji envelopes, mice and Korean flags. It’s eyes? Graduation caps and fried eggs.

(Personally, I was surprised to learn that the sneaker emoji and chocolate-frosted doughnut emoji matched really well to my natural hair color.)

Give the Emoji Mosaic Tool a try, and check out some other examples of emoji-d photos below.

Mona Lisa emojiPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

man on moon emojiPhoto: NASA

emoji Delicate ArchPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

Laura Moss writes about a variety of topics with a focus on animals, science, language and culture. But she mostly writes about cats.

Turn your photos into emoji works of art
A handy new tool can transform your pictures into colorful mosaics of emoji.