Apple's future iPhone, health scares, environmental concerns and do-it-yourself articles dominated the top stories found on the Mother Nature Network via the search engines this year.

If those trends are any indication of what piqued your interest this year, then we’d say that 2010 readers definitely wanted news on the latest food illnesses as well as information about the ongoing problems with the planet.

But the single biggest draw was the iPhone 5. Readers arrived at after searching for information on the newest iPhone more so than any single search term. It’s obvious that in the search engines, technology news – and news about Apple in particular — resonates with a wide array of readers.

Next up on the list was salmonella symptoms. This came in response to last summer’s massive egg recall that included nearly 550 million eggs because of salmonella contamination. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that the outbreak could have been linked to as many as 1,470 illnesses so it’s only natural that people would want to know about the symptoms of salmonella poisoning.

In terms of the environment, the search terms that brought the most visits to were are glaciers disappearing and Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The former term brought readers to an article by MNN blogger Karl Burkart who wrote about the top 7 disappearing glaciers.

The latter term sent readers to one of the pieces in our Translating Uncle Sam series that, as you might expect, explained “What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch?” That article was also one of our most discussed, generating 169 comments at last count.

This year also saw lots of readers searching for ways to adopt more of a back-to-basics lifestyle. The most interest came from those seeking to go au natural with their hair by ditching shampoo. These readers spent a lot of time on an article with the headline of Bubble trouble.

Next in the back-to-basics category was a Halloween story on homemade Halloween costumes. It probably goes without saying, but spending money on a Halloween costume is almost never needed when you can rely on your own creativity.

When readers wanted to indulge, they weren’t shy about digging into celebrity news. The biggest celebs on our list were the Fabulous Beekman Boys, a pair of gay suburbanites turned organic farmers who starred in their own reality TV show. How very 2010.

Moving further down the list, readers arrived on MNN throughout the year when they searched for information on bottled water and hybrid animals.

This past year also brought a lot of hype for the mysterious Bloom Box, a solid oxide fuel cell dubbed the ‘power plant in a box.’ Both Google and eBay have purchased units and we’ll probably hear more about this green technology in 2011.

In 2010, we also saw the 20th anniversary of Captain Planet. Episodes of the eco-superhero’s show can be seen on MNN.

The last term on our list was another from the back-to-basics category: urban bikes. Readers seemed eager for information on the best bicycles to use in the city.

Here’s the list of terms ranked in order of the number of visited generated by organic search:

  • iphone 5
  • salmonella symptoms
  • bubble trouble
  • are glaciers disappearing
  • homemade Halloween costumes
  • great pacific garbage patch
  • the fabulous beekman boys
  • bottled water
  • hybrid animals
  • bloom box
  • captain planet
  • urban bikes
Year in review: Our most-searched stories of 2010
Technology, health scares, environmental concerns and do-it-yourself articles dominated the top stories found on the Mother Nature Network via the search engine