Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos spun heads on Sunday night when he unveiled his company's latest effort to get its vast array of products delivered to its millions of customers in the most efficient way possible. Forget two-day delivery, or even overnight shipping; even same-day delivery by truck seems old hat now. Behold Amazon Prime Air.

The new service, to debut in 2015 pending government approval, uses tiny robot planes to deliver your goods straight to your doorstep — in some instances in less than 30 minutes. Watch the promo video above to see the service in action.

Below, the "60 Minutes" team explains how the news blew them away — including how Bezos offered them half his fortune if they could guess what he was about to reveal:

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Amazon unveils delivery by drone, in 30 minutes or less
Internet pioneer Jeff Bezos revealed on '60 Minutes' the latest trick up his sleeve: Amazon Prime Air.