If you have an iPad and you have kids, it's likely that you'll have to hand it over at some point or another for your kid's entertainment. Sure, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are fun, but how about some homework help while they point and click? We already know that iPads are the new future of textbooks. At home, you can sneak in even more learning with these five cool educational apps for the iPad.

1. MathBoard: From simple addition to long division, MathBoard is perfect for kids in K-8 looking to brush up on their math skills. SpellBoard, from the same software developer — palasoftware — let's you enter a spelling list for at home quizzes.

2. Dinosaur Zoo: Do you have a budding paleontologist in your house? DinosaurZoo lets your kids learn interesting facts about their favorite dinos while engaging with the beasts like they never have before.

3. Intro to Letters by Montessorium: This cool app is perfect for little kids who are just learning to trace, read, write and pronounce letters. Kids can trace each letter of the alphabet as it comes up, while practicing letter sounds, phonograms and names.

4. Star Walk: Star Walk is like Google Sky on steroids. This interactive astronomy app helps kids identify every star, constellation, planet, and satellite you see — and even those you can't see. It also gives you a calendar of celestial events, lets you tweet your finds instantly with fellow stargazers on Twitter, and — for the truly initiated — helps you measure the angular distance between nearby stars.

5. Cell and Cell Structure: Your middle schooler will ace her next biology test thanks to this app that teaches kids about cell structure and function. Interactive activities, videos, and stunning graphics will capture her attention while she learns all about what's going on inside the body's cells.

5 educational apps for iPads
Give your kids a boost at school with these 5 fun and educational apps for the iPad.