With the high season of ghost stories, creepy shadow puppetry, and the after dark door-to-door solicitation of King Size Snickers upon us, it’s always a fine idea to check in on your stockpile of flashlights as they get plenty of use 'round this time of year (particularly to go investigate those strange bumps, thuds, and scratching noises originating from the darkest corners of your unfinished basement).

During a quick stop in at the SoHo branch of the MoMA Store earlier this week, I spotted an intriguing LED torch fashioned in the shape of an oversized screw-in LED light bulb (Gizmodo seems to be a fan as well). Aptly called Bulb Flashlight, the Lin Guohui-designed product is actually a completely functional screw-in LED bulb — a 40W incandescent replacement bulb that consumes 6W and boasts a 60,000 hour lifespan — that thanks to a telescoping handle and rechargeable built-in battery pulls double-duty as a handheld flashlight.

Simply unscrew the clever bulb/torch from the fitting/fixture that it normally calls “home” and, if fully charged, use it up to three hours while participating in the aforementioned seasonal activities. Of course, the low-heat Bulb Flashlight really comes in handy not during Halloween/haunted home invasions but in emergency situations/power outages where there’s no time to scramble for fresh batteries or scrounge for mini Maglites hidden away in the bottom of the kitchen junk drawer — you’ll know exactly where to find Bulb Flashlight and can count on it being fully charged and ready to go when you need it most.

The Bulb Flashlight costs $45 and is availably exclusively at the MoMA Store (MoMA members receive a 10 percent discount). Sure, this is more moola than most non-smart LED bulbs and more than most utilitarian household flashlights but keep in mind you’re essentially paying for two separate devices that you’ll get a ton of use out of throughout the year.

And if you're looking for other forms of multipurpose emergency lighting, MoMA Store has got you covered with solar/crank-powered AM/FM radios/flashlights and vesatile flashlight/worklights.

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A multi-tasking LED bulb that stays bright when the lights go out
Lin Guohui's Bulb Flashlight is just that: A screw-in 40W LEDreplacement bulb with a rechargeable battery that can be removed and used as a handheld torch.