Even the least green of consumers would have to agree that a cell phone that never needs to be plugged in is a dream come true. No more lost or forgotten chargers. No more dead phones in the middle of a trip.

It appears Samsung has created just such a phone. The ingloriously named E11077 is the latest in a line of innovative green cell phone products from Samsung. And this one is solar-powered.

The back of the phone is made from a single PV solar cell, and the manufacturer claims that just 15 minutes in the sun while revive a dead battery.

While the phone is not made from recycled or biodegradable plastic like its cousin, the Reclaim, it does boast some other green features including an auto-dimming screen, LED flashlight and built-in FM radio (now you don't need to buy one of those Red Cross hand-cranked emergency radios).

It's cheap too ... about $60 but is currently only available in Europe and Asia. 

via: Engadget

A phone that never needs charging
Samsung adds a third phone to its green product line. This one is solar-powered.