On April 3, 2010, the tablet market was forever changed with the release of the Apple iPad. I was intrigued by the product when it was announced in January of that year, but I wasn’t moved enough to pre-order the device. On release day, though, I got caught up in the hype and visited a local Apple store. I walked right in, waited about one minute for a staff member to help me, and within 10 minutes I walked out with an iPad in hand.

I remember turning on the device for the first time and being delighted by the absolute ease of use. My prior tablet experience had been limited, but pre-iPad tablets were bulky and anything but simple to use. I knew that Apple was on to something with the iPad.

The day after the iPad’s release was Easter, and so I brought my fancy, and slippery, new device to our family’s gathering. I quickly regretted the decision to opt out of a case; I was too nervous to let my kids or nephews handle the device so they got to look and not touch.

Fast-forward to today and my kids can play with the original iPad, although my daughter has claimed it as her own. Yes, I still have one, but now it is in a sturdy case. My husband and I upgraded to the third-generation device and my nephews have iPads of their own (one a second-generation device and the other has a mini.)

My son is bucking the family’s Apple iPad infatuation, though. He proudly carries around his Google Nexus 7 and when asked about future upgrade plans for his tablet, he’s interested in the Google Nexus 10. That’s fine with me; although I’m an Apple addict, I don’t require brand exclusivity in my house.

So today I wish the Apple iPad a happy third anniversary. Thank you to the creative geniuses at Apple for changing the tablet market. I can’t wait to see what’s coming down the pipeline.

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Apple celebrates the iPad's 3rd anniversary
The first Apple iPads were sold on this date in 2010, forever changing the face of the tablet market.