As far as big box stores go, Best Buy has earned some green street cred thanks to its awesome electronics recycling program. But now the giant retailer has upped the green ante by announcing a new department that will retail electronic vehicles including scooters, bikes and Segways on the West Coast.

Analysts told the Wall Street Journal that the new PEV (personal electronic vehicle) department is not likely to make the company much money in the beginning but is a wise strategic move.

As the separation between consumer electronics and the automotive industry closes, and as auto manufacturers look for new creative methods of promotion and distrubution, Best Buy could end up positioning itself well for the anticipated post-recession boom in eco-friendly electronic "cars of the future."

For starters BB will be featuring the Brammo Enertia which pushes the scooter envelope just enough to make it more appealing to American consumers. Instead of the 20-30 mph that a scooter normally gets, the Enertia will go up to 50 mph and travel 45 miles on a single charge.

To learn more about the Enertia and other new electronic vehicles check out Jim Motavalli's post on the Top 8 EV startups.

via: EGM CarTech

Best Buy to retail EV's
Nation's largest electronics retailer is getting into the electronic vehicle market.