Bubba Watson is a 34-year-old professional golfer who is getting showered right now by Internet adoration because he has a hovercraft golf cart. Check it out in the video below.

I can't say that Watson's hovercraft golf cart is very practical as a replacement for more conventional carts — it's loud and not very energy efficient — but I don't think that really matters in this instance. This thing is just plain awesome.

I'm not much of a golfer these days, but I played a few rounds when I was in high school and getting to drive around in a golf cart was half of the fun. I'm not sure I would have even swung a club if I'd had a hovercraft. Throw in a few friends in another hovercraft or two and you have the makings for a great day of tomfoolery. Totally worth the green fees.

I would be remiss if I neglected to share this music video made by Watson's all-golf-pro "boy" band, the Golf Boys. (That's Watson in the blue overalls.)

Via Yahoo Sports

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Bubba gets a hovercraft golf cart
Bubba Watson has a sweet life — he's a professional golfer, lives in Tiger Woods' old house, and now he has a hovercraft golf cart to get him around the links.