John Cook, the Australian physicist who runs the popular Skeptical Science website, has offered the relatives of climate skeptics and hoaxers (I call them climate-baggers) a wonderful gift — an app that debunks and decodes the tangle of lies and misrepresented scientific widely used to confuse the public on climate change.

The app provides a detailed yet concise rebuttal to more than 90 arguments used by climate denialists backed up by correlated scientific data, including the greatest hits:

"There is no consensus"

"Models are unreliable"

"It hasn't warmed since 1998"

"CO2 lags temperature"

"It's freaking cold!"

"CO2 is not a pollutant"

"It's the sun"

And many, many more. The carbon-baggers are already fuming about this app, according to a story by The Guardian, denialist and part-time weatherman Piers Corbyn has this to say:

WARNING! There is an iPhone app trying to put down what we have to say under the heading of 'Skeptical Science'. We need as many of you as possible to promote that this iPhone app is yet another attempt to discredit 'Climate Realists'.
This may just be the best iPhone app ever!
Climate hoax killer app
Finally.. an iPhone app that decodes the labyrinth of climate hoaxes and skeptic psuedo-science.