The U.N. Foundation and the social media blog Mashable partnered to create the Digital Lounge for this week's Social Good Summit. As heads of state ... uh, bump heads at the U.N., and philanthropists hob nob at the Clinton Global Initiative, the YMCA-hosted event has been attracting luminaries in the activism world.

On Monday, I saw Ted Turner, Chris Hughes and Ed Norton talking about how they want to empower people to change the world. And today, CNN used the venue to announce its own Top 10 Heroes of 2010. 
One of the winners is a young man who skipped meals to afford the materials to build his solar LED lanterns, which he gives away for free to villages in Kenya. This one device can help lift millions out of poverty by providing an alternative to firewood, which is costly and has to be carried for miles, causing not only CO2 pollution but devastating health impacts from smoke and soot.
It's hard not to be inspired when you see how one man with one simple idea can have such beneficial results.
CNN hero: 'Solar saves lives'
CNN unveils its Top 10 Heroes this week. Evans Wadongo from Kenya was one of the winners, offering a light at the end of the tunnels for millions in poverty.