The field of bioplastics (plastics made from feed stocks other than petroleum) has been growing every year, but for the most part the use of biodegradable or "organic" plastic has been limited to low-cost items like plastic forks and food packaging.

That is changing. Samsung's much anticipated "green" phone called 'Reclaim' will be hitting Sprint stores the week of Aug. 10 and the casing is made largely from corn-based plastic.

Is the phone really biodegradable? Well, no ... the battery (like all batteries) contains heavy metals and should be recycled per MNN's electronics recycling guide. And the case is not 100 percent corn plastic. It is 40 percent corn-based biodegradable plastic and 60 percent standard plastic.

But still this is a big leap forward in the greening of the consumer electronics industry. Electronics manufacturers have been wary of bioplastics due to lack of testing in durability, color fastness, and other qualities to which we have grown accustomed.

So the Samsung phone, while not totally green, will hopefully help encourage the industry to wean itself off its dependence on petroleum products.

The web-enabled phone (which includes GPS and a slide-out keyboard) also has a nifty feature that lets you know when its time to unplug your charger by lighting up bright green.

via: MSNBC

Addendum: Samsung seems to be rockin' the green mobile space. They just announced another green phone.. this one is solar-powered. Now they just need to combine them!

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Much-anticipated 'biodegradable' phone by Samsung hits stores next week.