It’s almost summer! So why then, would any sane, summer-loving person want to sit down and consider investing in a new vacuum cleaner? Isn’t the purchasing of indoor cleaning tools and supplies a dedicated springtime activity?

Not necessarily, if you think about it.

Sure, summertime means we spend — or try to spend — a bulk of our free time frolicking outdoors.  It marks the great migration from the parlor to the patio. But summer is actually a primo time to up your game in the vacuum cleaner department as you inevitably wind up bringing the outdoors inside with you: dirt, dust, sand, dead bugs, pollen, you name it, are all tracked into otherwise spotless homes during the summer months as we go in and out at a higher frequency. In turn, our floors, particularly floors with carpeting, turn into gritty, grimy hotbeds of contaminants.

Last week, Dyson, a company that knows a thing or two about attending to messes no matter what the season, unveiled the newest member of the preternaturally powerful Dyson family of vacuum cleaners: the DC59 Motorhead.

As it turns out, it’s a cordless vacuum cleaner built for these exact types — whoops, I just brought the beach inside with me — of cleaning tasks. Thanks to a direct drive motor in its cleanerhead (a first for a cordless vacuum), the Motorhead sucks up dirt and debris with more gusto than most awkward and bulky full-sized upright vacuums. And because of this high-tech tidy-up tool's compact and cord-free nature, you can even partake in some handheld spot cleaning on the patio. (To be clear, Dyson does not recommend charging the Motorhead outdoors or regular outdoor use). Also, I imagine that this would be the perfect tool for cleaning out crumbs and gunk from a car’s hard-to-reach cracks and crevices after a long summer road trip.

I recently had the chance to take the DC59 Motorhead for a test drive myself. And although I’ve been a user and huge, well, fan of Dyson’s line of super-efficient bladeless fans for some time now, this was my first experience with a Dyson vacuum. Now I understand what all the fuss is about. This thing sucks hard, and in the best way possible.

In addition to the pure, unmatched power for a remarkably light (just under 5 pounds) cordless vacuum, I was most impressed by the overall convenience and ease of using the digital motor-powered machine.

Like the entire range of Dyson vacuum cleaners,, the Motorhead is sans a traditional bag. When the “hygienic bin” on the underside of the device reaches capacity, simply pop the latch and empty its contents into the garbage. Added bonus: it's fun being able to clearly see what gets sucked up instead of having it disappear into a bag. There are no bags to fuss with, no expensive replacement filters to have to track down online  — it’s all very easy-peasy in terms of maintenance. Just wash the easy-to-remove filter from the top of the unit once a month and you’re good to go.

And although I don’t have carpeting in my apartment — an area where the Motorhead really shines thanks to the cleanerhead that users stiff nylon bristles to suck up ground-in dirt — I put the machine to the test on a dirt- and dust-covered area rug in my entryway. Said area rug is now as speckless as the day I bought it.

I also took the opportunity to suck up piles of dead ants (don’t ask), give my couch a good once-over, and clean behind my stove using the included aluminum wand attachment. This was a task I hadn’t performed in years — okay, ever — simply because I could never get back there with either my handheld or upright vacuum. Needless to say, it was a cathartic experience.

It’s also worth noting that my apartment can get incredibly dusty, incredibly fast. Not sure why, but it is what it is. With the Motorhead, zapping up those bunnies lurking in nooks and crannies was effortless, effective, and dare I say, fun. Beyond dust bunnies, even dust of the microscopic variety eradicated thanks to Dyson’s patented cyclone technology. The amount of dirt and dust that the Motorhead pulled from the frequently washed, clean-to-the-eye hardwood flooring in my living room was kind of insane. I was both horrified and delighted at once.

Following a full battery charge, the Motorhead’s cleaning time is 24 minutes — plenty of time to really put the machine to work. Storage is a breeze with an included docking station that accommodates the attachments in addition to the machine itself.

And then there’s the matter of price.

Like with all Dyson machines, buying a DC59 Motorhead is an investment. At $549, it’s a significant jump from the Motorhead’s near-identical but less-powerful sibling, the DC59 Animal, which retails for $400. That being said, the Motorhead may not necessarily break the bank, but it certainly does fall under the “big ticket item” category — a bit of sacrifice, soul-searching, and planning may be involved. But when you take into consideration the sheer power of the Motorhead compared to comparable — and larger — machines and its low-maintenance nature, I believe this is one investment worth considering. After all, this might be the only vacuum cleaner you’ll ever own. 

The Dyson DC59 Motorhead is available now directly through Dyson or at Best Buy,, and other retailers. 

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