Diego Stocco knows sound. The Italian-born composer and sound designer makes a living creating sounds and music for films, television shows and video games. But he's best known not for the music he makes but for how he makes it. For you see, Diego Stocco is a musical inventor.

If something exists, Diego Stocco can likely draw some kind of interesting sound from it. He's made music from bags of sand, trees, dinner plates, light bulbs, and even a burning piano. He cuts and glues and forms and molds materials with microphones and wiring to create instruments out of anything. Where most of us walk around the world seeing things for how they are, he walks around seeing things for how they might sound.

When we stumbled upon a video of Diego coaxing sound from a collection of light bulbs, we knew we had to find more to share. Luckily, Diego has a robust YouTube channel where he posts videos of his work. We took some time to go through them and pick out our seven favorites. We hope you like them as much as we do!

Diego Stocco plays a plate.

Diego Stocco plays a bass with a bow, a fork and drumsticks.

Diego Stocco makes sounds with a sugar packet, a coffee pot and cup, steam, sugar and a spoon.

Diego Stocco makes music at a dry cleaner.

Diego Stocco makes music from sand.

Diego Stocco makes music from a tree.

Diego Stocco's sounds combine for a custom-built orchestra.

If you would like to learn more about Diego and his work, you can visit his website.

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Diego Stocco has never met an object he can't play
Italian-born experimental composer makes a living inventing sounds in the most unusual ways.