Last month the folks at Planet Green had a viral sensation when they released a 5-minute video clip of a tiny 330 square-foot apartment in downtown Hong Kong that literally transforms the conception of what a house could and should be — a perfectly designed machine for efficient living.

In some ways, architect Gary Chang’s home is more like a palace by Hong Kong standards with a 300 square-foot living room, a 200 square-foot bedroom, a guest bedroom, full bathroom, spacious kitchen and formal dining room — the kind of square footage that only the über-wealthy dream about in one of the most densely populated cities on the planet.

But Chang achieves all the space inside a single, tiny footprint through the use of mechanized wall units that collapse, expand and reconfigure to suit his special needs. The young architect has created his own time-space continuum which he calls the Domestic Transformer. As he says, “I don’t move. The house moves for me.”

After watching this video, I guarantee it will change the way you think about architecture and where it is heading. As our planet becomes more and more crowded with fewer resources to go around, Chang’s visionary approach may offer a way forward that provides all the luxury anyone could want within a tiny, eco-friendly footprint.

Domestic Transformer: The home of the future
Half home, half machine this Hong Kong apartment paints the picture of a sustainable future when buildings transform for their owners, saving on resources and m