Coupon Sherpa's latest accumulation of the top 50 green iPhone apps may have other mobile phone users feeling a little left out, but owners of phones that run on Google's Android platform are in luck -- green apps are on their way just in time for Earth Day. 

Phones like HTC Hero and Samsung Moment have several brand new apps that stake a claim in the green app universe. Here are some of the latest:

Critter Browser (free)

This app lets you look up a wide variety of animals by image, common name and scientific classification.

Eco Buzz (free)

The Eco buzz becomes a "landing app" something that is not possible the iPhone. You basically can set it as your home screen and it will give deliver green news, factoids, and shopping tips.

Seasonal Harvest ($1.99)

For budding localvores, this app updates weekly to give you an accounting of what fruits and veggies are in season or on the way and where to get the best local organic goods.

Tissue Guide (free)

By 3rd Whale, the maker of a bunch of cool green apps (some of which feature MNN content) have mirrored their successful Greenpeace paper guide app for Android phones. You can find out which paper products are made from sustainable harvested timber.

While these apps are cool (and the phones that run them even cooler) the actual experience of finding apps for Android leaves much to be desired. There is no slick, unified iTunes type store for Andoid apps, so the user is left to wander through super geeky websites and has to attempt multiple clicks before even seeing what the apps look like, never mind the functions they perform.

Hopefully the Android community or Google or Sprint or someone will take a clue from the immaculate shopping experience that is iTunes, and come up with a better way for people to discover the growing world of Android apps. 

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