Wood cladding has been a popular design theme the past couple of years -- from the retro-style solar VW Bus to Dell's Eames-inspired PC. But wood fever has hit hardest in the land of portable electronic devices.

Audio company Vers has received a lot of press for their popular wood iPod speaker units, and they now become the latest to produce a series of products (like iWood) that wrap our favorite techno gadget, the iPhone, in a luxurious neo-hippy skin.  

Though the Vers iPhone & iPod cases are not sourced from sustainable woods (like iWood), according to their press release they will plant 100 trees every tree felled in the making of their cases. The cases come in Walnut, Cherry and Bamboo (no trees planted for the latter). 

Probably not as eco-friendly as making your iPhone case out of cardboard, but no doubt a whole lot sexier.

via: TreeHugger

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Get wood for your iPhone
Wood iPhone case by Vers helps protect phones and forests at the same time through Arbor Day Foundation partnership.