At the recent Greener Gadgets summit in New York City, I met with tech writer Joe Hutsko on his upcoming book Green Gadgets for Dummies. After years of covering consumer electronics products for the New York Times and others, Joe has become an expert in the greening of the consumer electronics industry.

His book Green Gadgets ... will cover the importance of greening your electronics (both for the planet and your budget) and how you can quickly save 15 percent or more on your monthly electricity bill through the "7 behaviors of highly effective greener gadget people." He delves into the booming world of green electronics, providing a buying guide for your next consumer electronics purchase and the very important (and often overlooked) task of properly recycling your old devices.

Coming this summer.

Green Gadgets for Dummies ... and smart people, too
Writer Joe Hutsko talks about his upcoming book, 'Green Gadgets for Dummies'.