It's amazing what a difference a few years can make. The last time I attended Coachella Music Festival, the hundreds of thousands of discarded plastic bottles overflowing every available receptacle were an ever-present reminder of the concert's enormous environmental impact.

Fast-forward to 2009. As I walked across the large open grassy field, there was nary a bottle to be seen. Thanks in large part to Global Inheritance, a youth activism organization focusing on sustainability, Coachella implemented a bunch of green programs:

  • 10-for-1 bottle exchange (bring in 10 empty bottles and get one full water bottle free)
  • Free water filling stations
  • Totally hip art show called TRASHed: the art of recycling
  • Carpoolchella -- a ridesharing program done through
  • Recycled paper plane competition (prize: backstage with MIA, nice!)
  • Alt-fuel golf cart race (ethanol vs. solar vs. biodiesel)
Lastly, there were a host of environmental art installations including the world's tallest bamboo tower and the mind-bending Quad Cubatron (which I shot in the video above). The two 20' cubes hover 10' off the ground and are comprised of over 5600 LED lights controlled by a sophisticated computer program.

I missed Henry Rollins who played with MWard (I just couldn't pass up Crystal Castles who were at the same time) but according to my friend @chimpanjonas, he talked about our duty to the planet, or as he calls it, the "big blue-green fun ball."

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Green technology at Coachella Music Festival
Psychedelic LED's, water-filling stations and Carpoolchella makes this the greenest music festival yet.