Let's face it commercials, even really kooky (and insanely expensive) ones like the new Prius commercial, get tired after a while. Marketing wisdom teaches us that the best way to get people really talking about your product is to put a couple of alpha influencers in one, and then videotape the whole thing.

This is the big insight that Honda had when developing the marketing campaign for the self-same car, the hybrid Inisght.

Since I'm a big fan of both Zaproot and Fallen Fruit (two of LA's coolest green institutions) I just had to post this video. It's pretty darn cute, and what I like most is that they don't talk AT ALL about the car.

Not sure how Honda feels about taking a backseat in this video, but I like it..

Honda's big Insight into green marketing
What's the best way to get green influencers talking about your eco-friendly car?