BP's Kent Wells offers the latest installment in a video series on BP's well-containment efforts. On Saturday, they successfully lifted off the cap of the well, allowing a staggering 150,000+ barrels per day to spew unabated. But the hope is the new well cap, if mounted properly, will allow the company to capture a far greater quantity of crude.

It's interesting to note that BP's animation does not indicate the severely tilting BOP (blowout preventer). Last measurements put it at around 13 degrees, causing some geologists to express concern about a destabilizing sea floor:

Let's all take a moment to pray to the ROV gods, that they are able to secure those six little bolts firmly enough to stop the BP oil gusher.
How to cap an oil well under 5,000 feet of water
After 8 weeks of fabrication, BP is ready to bolt on its 80 ton well cap using 3 ROV's. Here's how it will (hopefully) work.