I mean, who needs wardrobe malfunctions, political statements and flubbed lines at halftime shows? They have this all figured out in China: replace the dancers with robots. In this amazing video, you can see why the bots stole the Chinese New Year Spring Festival Gala last night: 540 of them, all perfectly synchronized, with 29 drones keeping company above.

This was not easy to do. According to the explanatory video below, each robot has 16 steering engines designed to imitate the motions of human joints, which is why the robots seem so agile. Usually one or two of the robots are controlled by a cellphone, but for 540 of them, they had to install a big antenna to control the robots uniformly.

They've got some good moves and lots of them. Usually there are one or two motions programmed in, but for this performance, they had up to 12 things going on at once. This is truly the future of dance, and I suspect a few other things that might not be so much fun to watch. But right now I, for one, welcome our robot dancing team.

Lloyd Alter ( @lloydalter ) writes about smart (and dumb) tech with a side of design and a dash of boomer angst.

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