Just like restarting your car, your cell phone requires an initial surge of energy every time you send or receive a cell phone call. One blogger has figured out that 1 minute spent redialing a call is equivalent to 4 minutes talking on the iPhone. So all those dropped calls reported on the new iPhone 4, aside from being incredibly annoying, are also shortening your battery life.

The new iPhone 4.1 software update just released will (hopefully) fix all that -- saving on energy and preventing increasingly frequent cases of iPhone rage. But one can safely assume this bug fix won't result in greatly reduced energy use...

That's because the update includes a new Game Center, high resolution (HDR) photographs and full HD video. With the phone's amazingly bright and crisp display, one wonders if people will even be bothered to answer phone calls when they could be watching movies and playing video games. 

Source: PC World